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A+ Bathtub Refinishing, Refacing, and Reglazing in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

In 1991, we embarked on a mission to upgrade the bathtubs, countertops, shower units, and other elements of the bathroom for customers all over Los Angeles. As a fully licensed team, we can tackle any bathroom, countertop, or shower project we encounter. For nearly 25 years we have been satisfying clients with superior craftsmanship and responsive service. In that time we have built a great reputation for ourselves by placing emphasis on quality work – from bathtub refinishing and resurfacing to sink reglazing and kitchen counter color matching, we are genuine refinishing experts.

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Refinishing Services to Meet Your Needs

In addition to the aforementioned services, we at A+ Bathtub Refinishing also provide a number of other valuable services for our customers – both residential and commercial. We offer color matching, drains and overflow installation, slip resistant surface, fiberglass crack repair, and caulking and re-grouting.

Ultimately, we have the industry experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.  Give us a call at 818-995-4700 to get a FREE consultation and FREE estimate for your home or commercial project.

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Why is Refinishing the Right Choice

You can buy a brand-new bathtub unit for as little as $300 at a retail hardware store, but the actual costs of removing and replacing will likely be much greater.

Houses are typically built around bathtubs during the initial construction. To start, most bathtubs are installed in a home during its initial construction. To remove an existing tub, finish items such as trim, bathtub surrounds and plumbing that are built up around the bathtub and will need to be removed. Depending on the tub’s size, it can also mean that removing a bathtub from a room may require cutting it into pieces to fit through a door frame. When installing a new replacement bathtub, the plumbing would have to be reconfigured to fit and all the surrounding trim would have to be recreated.

The costs, which may run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, and headache involved with replacing a bathtub may it a project that many homeowners would rather avoid.

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How We Work

We will put our proven process to work for you using our specialized equipment and materials, specifically designed for delivering refinishing success. Our team can refinish your bathtub, sinks, fiberglass shower pans, tile walls, full bathrooms, counter tops, chips, fiberglass tubs, shower units, tile shower stalls, and much more!

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Who & Where We Serve

We serve both residential and commercial clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

We  also service Orange County, San Borodino County, Ventura County, and Riverside County.  

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Our 15 Year Service Guarantee

You can trust A+ Bathtub Refinishing will always provide great service and we guarantee our work will stand the test of time. We provide each of our clients with our unique 15 Year Service Guarantee which guarantees materials and covers discoloration.

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